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10 Amazing Kentucky Derby Hats

The Kentucky Derby is a long held tradition among equestrian fanatics. Only the best of the best in racing horses compete to determine a champion! The strength, the speed, the power…. But mostly…. The hats! Oh those fabulous, huge, and sometimes wacky hats!

Here are 10 AMAZING hats that are from Kentucky Derby past or some that are worthy enough to have been.

Yellow with Pink Flowers


Kentucky Derby hat – yellow with pink flowers

Not only will you stay nice and cool in the shade of this gorgeous yellow hat, but the pink flowers bring an extra pop to this gorgeous piece.


Neutral and Floral

Kentucky Derby hat - floral

The neutrals of this massive headpiece are highlighted by the bright pops of colorful floral accents of pinks, oranges, and blues. Fab!


Hats on Hats

Kentucky Derby hat - hats on hats

Where do we start? The bright colors? The bright bouquet of roses and daisies? The flamingos? The hats ON the flamingos?! This fanciful hat has it all! How many of you can say your hat got to wear two tiny hats?! We LOVE it!


Feathers and Pink Flowers

Kentucky Derby hat - feathers and pink

Imagine the movement on this bountiful feathered masterpiece? Your head will probably have a life of it’s own with this puffy beauty!


Purple and Flowers


Perhaps a classic look is more your style? This lovely purple sun hat decorated with a selection of a similarly hued floral arrangement is dainty, classic, and quite pretty!


Classic White & Flowers

white w flowers

While also a classic look, this taller hat stacked with pink roses, an electric pink lily, and black and white feathers give an edgy to a style that looks great on everyone.

Giant Daisy

giant daily

Who needs a few flowers as part of your hat when you can can have a giant flower AS your hat! We just love this bold and bright statement!

Big Red


Another giant flower, this large poppy-like masterpiece will turn heads! Not only will you look fabulous in red, but it will make sure you have plenty of personal space with the circumference of this massive crimson masterpiece!


Hot Hot Pink

If someone is looking to catch eyes in a sea of amazing hats, black and hot pink might just be the way to go! The contrast of the black with the intensity of the bright pink will surely make everyone notice.


Elegant Waterfall of Flowers

floppy straw

Last but not least, this elegant and beautiful hat with a waterfall effect of delicate flowers is certainly the most beautiful of the bunch. Pair with a matching purse and a beautiful sun dress and you’ll be the envy of everyone!


So while you’re rooting for your favorite race horse, make sure to also keep an eye out for those fabulous hats!


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