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5 Ways to Use Braids in a Sock Bun

A sock bun can be a quick, stylish, and streamlined look that pulls any outfit together. It’s versatility makes it ideal for everything from yoga class, to lunch with the girls, and even for a hot date! Some brides have even been known to rock one for their wedding!

The sock bun gets its name from the very item that is used to create it. A sock. Just snip off the toe, roll it the whole thing into a donut shape, and it’s ready to style with.

5 ways to use braids in a sock bun


There are also pre-made foam versions available in a variety of sizes and colors, so don’t worry if your socks are too cute to part with.

Hair donut


It’s a fairly simple technique that anyone can master with minimal practice. Just place your ponytail where you want the bun to go, slide the ponytail through the sock bun, wrap the ends of your hair around the sock bun, and then roll your hair and the sock bun towards your head. Sneak in a few bobby pins for support, and voila!

Braiding technique sock bun


However, even the most tried and true of hairstyles needs a little oomph once in a while! Here are 5 simple variations of the sock bun that incorporate braids to give them just a little something extra.

The Side Braid

Side braid with sock bun


By starting off with a side french braid before putting your hair into the initial pony tail, you’ll create a dramatic and elegant look that will look great for your next meeting with the big boss at work.

The Under-Braid

Under-braid with bun


Another lovely option is to french braid the underside of your hair before the ponytail stage. Once your bun is complete, a lovely bow or statement hairpiece will bring the final results up a notch.

Braids in the Bun

Braids within a bun


After you put your hair into ponytail, take a few small sections and make some mini braids. Then take the whole ponytail and braids mixture and roll it into your sock bun. Beautiful and simple!

Wrap Around

Wrap-around braid bun


By keeping a section of the pony out of the sock bun as you roll it, you can then take that section and twist it into a simple braid. Then take that braid and wrap it around the base of the sock bun. If your hair is a little on the shorter side, take two sections and wrap them in opposite directions for the same effect.

Swirly French Braid

Swirly French braid


The most complicated looking style may take a little more practice, but is in no way difficult once you’ve gotten the hang of a french braid. Just braid before you make the ponytail and you’re ready to go with the bun.

So whether it’s for a night on the town or a day at the gym, the sock bun is both versatile and stylish. With a simple little twist you can take it from everyday to extraordinary!

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