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Amazing Back-To-School Nails

Back-to-school is fast approaching, and for some of us it’s even here already. One of the best parts of back to school; aside from seeing your old friends, meeting new students & teachers, and looking forward to a fun new school year, is the back to school outfit. You’ve got to look your best while roaming the halls, both student and teacher alike.

Here are ten fun nail designs to celebrate back-to-school, while also bringing that back-to-school fashion to the next level.

Teacher’s Pet

Nothing says starting the year off right like a juicy apple to set on your teacher’s desk.


All Prepared

Pencils, notebook, and knowing your ABCs? You’re all set!



The perfect first day look for the always-awesome art teacher.



These no. 2 pencils will have you looking number one!


Passing Notes

These secrets will be hard to keep but they’ll still look super cute.


Don’t be Chalk-Board

These chalk board inspired beauties will keep those subjects interesting. Just don’t scratch them on the real thing.


Uniform Cuties

Keep your nail art the same color and pattern of your school uniform to add a pop of fun to an otherwise studious look.


An Apple a Day

Let the world know how much you love your teaching job while you ask for some fun little apple designs the next time you treat yourself to a much deserved manicure.


Nailed It!

Celebrate the A+ you got on that pop quiz with this fun good-grades inspired look.


Emoji Withdrawal

After being able to text the days away over the summer, it’s a bit of an adjustment to have to put your phone away during the school day. Make the adjustment a little more bearable with some fun emoji nails to pass the time until you can access the real thing again.


So the next time you need some nail inspiration, just take a look in your school bag and you just might find the fun idea you were looking for. We hope students, teachers, and faculty have a wonderful school year!

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