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Crazy Hair Tools of the Past

Over the decades, women have taken great pride in their hairstyles. While the actual looks may have morphed and changed over time, one thing remains the same, and that’s the constant inventive nature to create that next big thing in the hair styling world.

Here are a few wacky and wild hair tools of the past that were the big thing back in the day.

Auto Perm Machine

Crazy hair tools - auto perm

This absolutely wild contraption looks more like it is from a sci-fi movie. We can only imagine how long the process took, but we’re sure the end result was pretty fabulous too.


Chrome Hair Dryer

Crazy hair tools - chrome dryer

This sleek and sophisticated piece of machinery looks amazing. While we’re sure that the newer salon hood dryers are a little safer and more regulated, we’d feel so much chicer while reading our gossip magazines while drying under this.


Hair Set Tape

Crazy hair tools - Scotch tape

YIKES! Wow, we are really glad this is an item of the past. The hair pulling? Residue? There are better ways to hold your curlers in that don’t require the mess. Although we’re all about the glittery pink tape dispenser part.


Vintage Curling Irons

Crazy hair tools - vintage curling irons

Ah yes, there’s nothing like sticking a REALLY hot iron on your hair. (We know, we know, all curling irons are hot… but this thing was HOT!) Some vintage curling irons came with a special holder to heat them and sometimes they just popped the curling barrel into an open flame. There is NO heat protectant that is going to help your strands from something this dangerous. We’re thankful that the beauty industry has since invented a number of tools and products that keep the heat damage to a minimum.


Industrial Blow Dryers

Crazy hair tools - industrial blow dryers

If you’re going for the “I stuck my wet hair out the car window on the highway to dry” look, then this is the tool for you! We’re all about our hair drying quickly and efficiently, but we also don’t need to do it with something equal to a NASA strength wind tunnel.


Blow Dryer

Old fashioned blow dryer

This could be considered the great grandmother to the modern hair dryer. It’s handheld, vented, similarly shaped, and it’s styled in a way to be cute and fun to use. In all seriousness, if they made a blow dryer nowadays that looked vintage like this, but with the modern safety features, we’d be all about it!


The Things We Do For Beauty

Crazy hair tools

Women have always striven for beauty, even if it’s from some, shall we say, unique ways. This wild contraption must have touted benefits for your face and hair. Plus you’d have the added benefit of pretending to be a deep-sea scuba diver.


Clothes Iron

Ironing hair with clothes iron

While the clothes iron might not have technically been designed for hair, it was used for hair none the less. It’s basically the predecessor to the flat-iron. We bet there are a few of you who can still hear that sizzle knowing your hair was sticking straight… and crispy!



Hair crimping iron

While the crimper might still be used for added volume in today’s styles, it isn’t anything like those big and bouncy crimps of the ’80s pulled into a side pony with a scrunchy. We personally miss this fun and quirky tool, and can’t wait for the day that crimping makes a serious comeback!


We want to see YOUR fabulous vintage hair looks! Dig out that old yearbook and share those pics on our Mane ‘n Tail Facebook page! We might even share them out to our followers!

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