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5 Easy Overnight Hairstyles For Busy Bodies

While our lives can already be quite busy, this time of year can take the cake for some of us. From holiday shopping, limited time to get things done, and a busy schedule of parties and planning, it can feel like there’s little time to spend on yourself.

We’ve found some fun and easy hairstyles that can be done overnight while you sleep so you’ll be holiday ready in no time!

Just follow these styles with some damp hair in the evening before you go to bed, get some shut-eye, and take them out in the morning… voila! You’ll have gorgeous hair with minimal effort.

Braids = Princess Hair

By fitting a number of french braids throughout the whole head, you get beautiful wavy hair perfect for a holiday princess party.


Up and Out of the Way

A workout headband is all you’ll need to turn this easy twisted ‘do into light and bouncy curls.


Bandana Frenzy

A few bandanas twisted throughout some ponytails will result in some lovely wavy curls the next day that look perfect with a crown of flowers or pulled back into an elegant half ponytail.


French Braid to the Top

A single french braid styled tightly to the very top of your head will produce some gorgeous curls that look like you spend hours in front of a mirror with your curling wand.


Just Do the Twist

Even short hair can get in on the action. Just twist sections of hair and hold them in place with a small elastic band and you’ll have a fluffy head of adorable curls in no time.


Tee Shirt Crown

Roll up a tee and secure with an elastic band. Then twist your hair around it like a giant sock bun and let it set overnight. You’ll have big bouncy curls that are ready for Christmas dinner with the family without taking away time from opening all those presents.


…With a Twist!

Using the same technique as the workout headband, take each section and twist it before wrapping it around the headband. It’ll give you a whole different look that is just as easy to do.


Double French Braid

Two french braids done equally on either side of the head can create some dramatic waves that are perfect on their own, or as a base for a voluminous and simple half updo.


Go Big and Go Eat Cookies

Who needs to spend all day doing hair, when there are more important things, like baking cookies. Some simple twists throughout your hair and you’ll just need time to set it while you spend time doing the important stuff.


So this holiday season, don’t fret the style conundrum you might have. Opt for some simple looks and you’ll be all set with everything you need to get done, and you’ll look fab doing it too.

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