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Easy Ways to Organize Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are the finish touch to many styles and, while they come in huge quantities when purchased, they can quickly disappear from their designated spot while ending up all over the rest of the house.

Luckily, we have some fun and easy solutions. Here are some great ways to keep those sneaky little style necessities from escaping while keeping the nooks and crannies of your home bobby pin free.

Magnetic Strips

These convenient strips come in either a roll or pre-cut strips. Some even come with a sticky side so you just peel and stick to the designated object you want to put it on. Adding a small magnetic strip to a hairbrush container is a great way to keep all of your styling tools organized and at arms reach.

Organize bobby pins - cup


Magnet Jar

We all have cute jars floating around that are just begging for a purpose. Glue some round magnets in a jar lid and put those bobby pins into that stylish little container. When you need a few bobby pins, simply give the jar a little shake and grab a few without having to dump out the whole container.

Organize bobby pins - magnetic jar


Paperclip Holder

With modern ways documents are being shared electronically, paperclips aren’t as necessary as they used to be. Dig through your old stationary and re-purpose that old paperclip holder to hold a few bobby pins instead. If it’s a little too boring for you, just decorate it with some stickers or washi tape.

Organize bobby pins - paperclip holder


Tic Tac Container

Those cute and tiny containers that once held some minty goodness can now be reused for on-the-go bobby pin organizer. Just pop it in your purse for an easy way to fix those flyaways when you powder your nose. Wrap some hair ties around the container for another great purpose too.

Organize bobby pins - tic tac container


Tea Light Holder

This fun idea is a great way to reuse that candle holder after the actual candle is long gone. Use it simply as a container, or add in some beads to make an easy-to-grab option.

Organize bobby pins - tea light cup


Teenie Tiny Dish

A tiny little dish, like this soy sauce dish, might not get a ton of use and will sit in your cabinet collecting dust. If you have a tiny and perky little dish that needs a home on your makeup table, why not use it to store those rouge bobby pins that won’t want to escape this fun option.

Organize bobby pins - small dish


Magnetic Picture Frame

Take those same magnetic strips and pop them in an old frame. Just cover them with a thin piece of fabric or paper and you have a stylish display that couldn’t be more convenient. Use it for a way to quickly throw them when you undo you’do, or to display your fancies pins you don’t want to just shove in a drawer.

Organize bobby pins - magnetic


Behind the Mirror

Bathroom space can be limited so utilizing as much unused space can be vital. If you have a medicine cabinet, why not add some magnetic strips to organize all sorts of small metal items. While this works well with bobby pins, it would also work great for tweezers, nail clippers, and other things that otherwise might get lost at the bottom of a drawer.

Organize bobby pins - mirror


Pill Bottle

Another fantastic option for on-the-go organization is an old pill bottle decorated to fit your personality. This is a great way to keep bobby pins organized and out of everything else in your purse. No longer will you have to dig out a dirty bobby pin in the bottom of your purse covered crumbs or tangled in your keys, they’ll be clean and easy to grab with this simple idea.

Organize bobby pins - pill bottle


Bonus: Fix Bent Bobby Pins

Another way bobby pins disappear is because once they’re bent, they just don’t work correctly anymore, so they get thrown away. Keep a small pair of jewelry pliers handy to gently squeeze them back and they’ll be almost as good as new!

Organize bobby pins - fix


So before you sigh with frustration the next time you can’t figure out where all those bobby pins are going, why not try one of these ideas to keep them in place and easily organized. Your style, and your sanity, will thank you for it!

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