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Fabulous Vintage Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time to have fun, be spooky, eat some sugary deliciousness… and be fabulous. While costumes can be easy to come by these days, back in the day, people had to make their own fashionably spooky looks themselves.

Here are some amazingly awesome vintage Halloween looks that have bewitched us!


This couture coven is a great group costume that is fun no matter your age or magical abilities.


Giant Eyeball

When you just want to be a little weird, this giant eyeball will do the trick! Just make sure your hair looks extra fabulous underneath for an extra special reveal when you need to finally breathe again.



Everyone will want to ‘cheers’ with these gals! Just wear some glittery garb to match the contents and you’re ready to make the party poppin’!



This costume is on fire! The perfect look for the fire engine redhead in your life, this Disney reminiscent look is ready to be the center of attention.


A magical look, this wizardess is spook-tacular with the celestial patterns, huge hat, and faaaaaaabulous hair!


Humpty Dumpty

Hear us out on this one because this costume is an egg-cellent idea! Your hair and your shoes have to be egg-stra beautiful for this look since the egg itself is sort of plain. It’s also something you can scramble together at the last minute!


Spider Webs

Spiders have never looked so fabulous. Why be just a spider when you can be the entire glittery, delicate web? Besides, a huge Vegas-style headpiece is where it’s at!


If this was our costume, we’d only stand like this to show everyone we were the cutest creature of the night.


Spirit of Halloween

If you can’t decide…then do it all, with a fun and unique take on Halloween with classic Halloween insignia all over your clothes.



Lastly, this bomber jet is so fun and unique! Technology-chic!

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