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Famous Paintings with Envy-Inducing Hair Styles

While we all have different inspirations when finding new hairstyles, anywhere from Instagram to YouTube and even the best beauty blog ever (😉), you might not realize that you can find some amazing and timeless looks from the past! No, we’re not talking about your mom’s old yearbook, we’re talking about a trip to the museum.

There are gorgeous landscapes and still-life displayed in a museum’s art gallery. The hairstyles are captured in time with each brush stroke from the artist. Here are some of our favorite paintings and hairstyles that have been around for hundreds of years!

Lady with Fan by Gustav Klimt

This gorgeous hairstyle is the ultimate messy updo with perfect ringlets framing the face. This look still works for any special occasion. Lady with Fan is an oil painting created in Klimt’s studio and was one of his final pieces before he suffered from a stroke.


Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

While the Mona Lisa’s simple part and curls are nondescript, it is also a lovely look that is a great everyday style. Her curls are also well defined and perfect, so she must be using an amazing product for them! Is she smiling or frowning?


Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

This beauty is truly a stunner for a number of reasons…and can we talk about the comb in her hair? We know that thick hair can be a challenge, especially when trying to get a brush through it, but with our help it can be easy! We know what she might be using!


Girl with a Golden Wreath by Léon-François Comerre

Having this much length with a beautiful color will instantly cause anyone to be jealous! We love how she can accent her beautiful golden locks with a golden accessory that is equally dazzling.


Portrait of a Fairy by Sophie Gengembre Anderson

These voluminous locks were made to blow in the breeze, and that is clearly what is happening here. The softness of the curls lifted ever so slightly, make us wish we had these for a day at the beach. Sophie Anderson was born in Paris, France and in 1843 fled to America where she developed herself as an artist. This beautiful oil painting was created in 1880.

The full name of this painting is ‘Take the Fair Face of Woman, and Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending, Thus Your Fairy is Made of Most Beautiful Things’


Vanity by Frank Cadogan Cowper

We understand the whole purpose of this artwork is to highlight how elegant and lovely this woman knows she is.  If we had that exquisite hair and perfect brows, we’d have a mirror in our hand 24/7, too. Vanity is known as one of Cowper’s finest pieces.


The Soul of the Rose by John William Waterhouse

The twisted bun, the sparkly accessories, the color…we could go on and on about how amazing this hairstyle is. Combine that with the light colored roses surrounding her and this is the ultimate look for a modern-day Instagram.


Stitching the Standard by Edmund Leighton

Even when you’re in the middle of something tedious, it can feel good to have nicely styled hair. It’s easy to just throw it into a messy bun, but by having brushed locks you can feel more put together and ready for your plans afterward.


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