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Five fun DIYs with Bobby Pins

Bobby pins, a girl’s best friend when you need that little extra oomph to hold you hair in place. However, simply slapping in a plain old bobby pin into your perfectly coiffed style sometimes just doesn’t cut it, and hiding it underneath your hair just isn’t an option. A big old pin sticking out like a sore thumb can really downgrade a fabulous look. So what do you do? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered!

Here are five fun and easy DIYs to transform that boring old bobby pin into a mini statement piece.

Baubles and Buttons:

Use some vintage buttons, old jewelry, or simply dig around for some pretty little items in your craft drawer. Just a drop of hot glue and you’re all set!

bobbi pin buttonssource

Nail Polish Pizzazz:

The color spectrum is endless! Just slide your pins onto a piece of cardboard and give them a few coats of your favorite nail lacquer. They can be customized to match ANY outfit!

nail polishsource

Bold and Practical Necklace:

Keep a stash of pins in the least likely and most stylish spot! Use an old chain or any variety of string to create this bold statement piece. Alternate with different colors, sizes, and patterns for a fun unique look.


Modern Hair Art:

Highlight your style with a fun pattern or geometric shape. Plus it hold your style amazingly well while looking fabulous. Try with plan bobby pins or incorporate your newly polished colorful bunch.

hair art

Beaded Statement:

While this may be the most intricate, it certainly isn’t difficult. With some craft wire and large chunky beads, you can create a glittery mini masterpiece that is both lovely and one of a kind.

So the next time you see a lonely bobby pin lying around, don’t give it a chance to multiply throughout your entire house (like in the bed, on the kitchen table, or in the bathroom soap dish) grab that little guy up and make it fabulous!

feature image source


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