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Hair-Raising Hairdos for Halloween

Now that it’s October, Halloween will be here before we know it!! While we’re excited for pumpkins, bats, spiders, and all things spooky, the best part is dressing up in our favorite costume…especially the hair!

So, while you might have your look already planned out, here are some fun and unique hairstyles that will get you in a scary mood if you need a little Halloween in-spirit-ation!

If you’re planning on going as something a little naughty this Halloween, look a little extra devilish as your hair steals the show with horns that give a whole new meaning to volume.


Not only was the Queen of Hearts the baddest of them all, but her look was extra dominating! You can’t be the big bad queen without some big bad hair. Off with their heads…so they can’t steal your look!


If you’re going for that “just dug myself out of a casket, but I’m still bewitching look” then this might just do the trick (or treat). A few sticks and leaves paired with a ton of hair spray and teased locks, and you’ll be the ghost with the most!


Be a beautiful mermaid, while still showing your scary side with this boat and tentacled look atop one’s head. Any reason to be a mermaid, even a sinister one, is always a good reason for us. You’ll want to get “Kraken” with this fun style!


These adorable little bats are perfect for a witch, vampire, or any other assortment of adorably creepy critters. Just a small bat template, some thick fabric, glitter, glue, and a hair clip. Simple and SO cute, you might keep them in your hair accessory rotation all year round.


This glamorous giraffe is stunning from the makeup alone, but the addition of a horned ‘do’ is fun and quirky. Perfect for a fun Halloween that’s less creepy and more trick-or-treat friendly.


The ultimate accessory, this unicorn look is enchanting. From the sparkles on the cheek to the fun swirl of hair color, this look is magically amazing! Just make sure you have enough clearance above and don’t get caught in any cobwebs.


Do you have an awesome Halloween ‘do? Please share your photos on our Mane ‘n Tail Facebook page and we might share out your craftiness to our followers! 

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