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Have Your Head of Unicorn Hair? Here Are Some of Our Favorite Examples

Have you heard of the hair coloring trend known as ‘unicorn hair?’ It’s not a myth and it’s a fun new style being seen all over.

Here at Mane ‘n Tail, we love hair; all hair types, trends, colors, you name it and we love it. But if you are going to name a hair trend based on a mythical equine, you bet your sweet sugar cubes we are going to be a little extra excited. Check out some of these eye catching examples of ‘Unicorn Hair’ that are simply magical!

It Reminds us of the 80s

So many colors! Isn’t this just amazing!? Not quite neon and not quite pastel. It makes us want to dig out our old Cindy Lauper cassettes, pop on some leg warmers, and snuggle our classic Rainbow Brite doll! So. Rad. Pic Source

It Makes Normal Hairstyles More Amazing

Not only are these colors amazingly bold, beautiful, and bright, but the intensity of such colors makes style options a little more exciting to try out! Also notice how only using two colors and spacing them out into smaller chunks creates a dramatic look that changes as the hair is styled. Pic Source

You Can Add All The Colors of the Rainbow

A more true hue to the traditional rainbow colors, we wouldn’t be surprised if this beautiful style pushes even the dreariest weather thoughts to the back of your mind. These colors could’ve come straight out of a rainbow after a rainstorm. Pic source

But You Don’t Have to Use All the Colors of the Rainbow

By using darker and more intense colors, a dramatic and fierce look is accomplished. By having one color in the front and another similar color in the rest of the hair, not only is this style gorgeous, but you’ll own the room as soon as you walk in. Pic Source

You Can Be The Best Mermaid


Nothing gets more magical than unicorn hair that can also be called mermaid hair! By taking both colors and applying with the ombre technique, you get an amazing oceanic effect that’s both stunning and elegant. Pic Source

No Matter How It’s Done, It’s Pretty Fabulous

Using one color as the main focal point while sneaking in a few other pops of color produces a lovely and playful effect. Also, by using pastels instead of an intense color pallet, a more casual and pretty look is achieved that can be worn everyday. Pic Source

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