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How Hoofmaker Can Help You This Winter

When winter hits, there are lots of things we absolutely love. From the holidays, to the cozy days curled up with hot cocoa, winter is certainly a wonderful time of the year. There is one thing that we sometimes forget about, and it isn’t favorable. We’re not talking about the cold, lack of daylight, or even having to drive in the snow…we’re talking about that itchy winter skin.

While it can be a nuisance, sometimes it’s so much more than we think. It can make simple day-to-day tasks incredibly uncomfortable, and well, itchy to say the least!  On a positive note, we have good news for you! With our amazing product, Hoofmaker, you’ll see some seriously awesome winter benefits.  Here are a few:

General Everyday Dry Skin

Winter means there is less moisture is in the air, which in return causes your skin to be itchier. Hoofmaker isn’t just for your hands, elbows and knees, it works as an incredible everyday remedy to combat that all over itch.

Cracked Dry Skin

Ouch! This is NO fun. While some are more prone to this than others, Hoofmaker is a simple step to assist in the dry skin battle. Shoveling snow has nothing on this moisture rescue!

After Lots of Hand Washing

While hand washing is a good and necessary part of everyday, some people need to suds up more often than others. That, combined with the bitter, biting cold, can really do a number on the skin on your hands. From teachers, those in the medical field, and even someone with a messy toddler, Hoofmaker can help add in essential nutrients for those extra clean hands.

After a Hot Shower

A cooler shower is recommended to keep dry skin at bay, but who wants to take a cool shower in the winter?! Get that water nice and steamy and just slap on a thin layer of Hoofmaker when you’re done! The added moisture from your bath or shower, combined with the layer of Hoofmaker, locks in that added dampness. It also adds extra moisture benefits and will undoubtedly keep you feeling silky soft.

Keeping Those Feet Soft and Smooth Even From Cold, Wet Snow Boots

Wet, cold, and swampy snow boots aren’t the most pleasant. Keep away some serious abominable winter feet with a good ol’ layer of Hoofmaker before you lace up!

Great for Nail and Cuticle Care

Your nails, nail beds, and cuticles can take a beating in the dry, winter months. Not only will your hands see a vast improvement, but your nails will continue to look amazing too. That New Year’s manicure will be on point!

Great Stocking Stuffer

Need a gift for, well, anyone? A little Hoofmaker goes a long way and can help everyone have better and healthier feeling skin and nails all winter long…and all year long, too!


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