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Iconic Hairdos for Halloween

When Halloween comes, there’s almost nothing more exciting than seeing the fun, creative, and unusual costumes that people come up with. While some costumes can relay what they’re supposed to be with the clothes or accessories alone, there are others that just wouldn’t work without their signature hairdo.

Here are a few looks for Halloween that would be unrecognizable without the correct head of hair. 

Wednesday Addams

This moody teen might be the eldest sibling in the Addams household, but her simple black dress alone just doesn’t cut it, her hair style is an essential part of this costume and in depicting her image.  Without her trademark jet black pigtails and dark sense of humor, she would just look like a goth girl.



The queen on the Nile is a true beauty with her 1920’s take on an Egyptian classic. This black bob and straight cut bang is a modern look held on by a rich history of uses. Add some hair jewelry and you’re all set for Halloween. 


Poison Ivy

One of Gotham City’s bad girls, Poison Ivy. She might look fabulous in her leaf covered catsuit, but it’s her fire engine red hair that really gives this vileness her iconic look.


Marie Antoinette

A real life diva of 17th century France, Marie was the bell of the ball… until she lost her head. You might get away with just a big ball gown and a lot of pomp… and maybe some fake blood to indicate that her head was once removed, but it’s also that enormous coif that really lets everyone know exactly who you are. Everyone will be able to see that ‘do, no matter where you are at the party. Let them eat cake!


Bride of Frankenstein

If you showed up to a party wearing just a long white gown and some bandages wrapped around your arms, most people would not know who you were trying to be. Pop a poof ball of black with white stripes on top of your head on the other hand, and BOOM! You’ll be instantly recognized! 


Okay, okay so this one is just sliiiiiightly off topic, but seriously, if Chewy didn’t have any hair, would you even be able to recognize him? We sure wouldn’t! These pastel costumes might be silly, but they’d still let you know exactly who you’re looking at. Does this mean Chewbacca can pull off any color? We guess so!


This Greek mythological monster had it rough while  turning people into stone, but at least her hair was always fierce… literally. Much like The Bride of Frankenstein, this monster can wear pretty much anything and still be recognizable. Seriously, who else has snakes for hair? You do you, girl!


Rosie the Riveter

A true icon, Rosie is pure and beautiful with her simple denim shirt and polka dot scarf in her hair. Just give a little flex and you’ll be the toughest girl on the block.



This somewhat private musical legend, Sia may want to stay hidden behind that massive black and white ‘do, but you sure can’t miss her. A large and in charge style like this most certainly will let everyone know exactly who you are at the party. Plus with locks and hair accessories that large, you’ll always have some personal space.


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