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Reasons We’re Excited For Fall

Fall is coming, and with it comes some simply delightful little things that can get us pretty excited.

(…And by “pretty excited” we mean skipping down the hallways and jumping for joy like a kid on Christmas morning.)

So here’s a list of a few things we can’t wait to get started on this autumn.

Fall Colors

The shades of the season get us all giddy and excited. From the bright bursts of yellow to the vibrant shades of red and orange, we simply love them all. While the weather might become a little chilly, those warm tones keep us feeling cozy.

Loose Hairstyles

The summertime is all about styles that keep our hair up and away from our face and neck. Now that the cooler weather is here, a loose style that gives us the illusion of thick, luscious locks, are both an amazing look and something we’ve missed since springtime.


Your boots have been calling you from the back of your closet every time you went in there for your beach bag. While we’ll miss the sand and surf, we missed our boots so much more.

Hot Beverages

Hot cocoa, hot cider, mulled wine…even a great cup of coffee on the porch. If it’s warm, tasty, and served in a mug then we are SO in!

Fall Hair Color

Summer is all about blonde, blonde, blonde. Now that fall is on the horizon, we’re all about those auburn, chocolate, and fall tones. Red can be the most challenging color to maintain, so it’s fun to have a bit of it in your hair that can be updated and changed when the seasons change.


When it comes to hats in the summer, it’s all about keeping cool and shading your eyes. Now that fall is on the way, cooler weather accessories are a must. Knits and cute beanies not only keep your noggin warm, but they can be the ultimate cute cherry on top of your fun, fall look.


Scarves. For. Days. We admittedly have so many scarves, we need a drawer just for them. From infinity scarves, shawls, and wraps, a scarf is a versatile accessory that looks great while keeping you warm, holding your hair back, or as a stylish wrap for that fall wedding you’re invited to.

Baked Goods

Give us ALL the baked goods. You need something tasty to go with that warm beverage you’ll be sipping on. From pumpkins to apples, we love everything dessert related this time of year.

The Scents and Sounds

From the crisp fall air, crunch of the leaves as you walk and the delightful smells of the fall harvest, this season just explodes with such sensory overload that we wish it would last forever.

Do you have something you’re excited for this autumn? Please share on our Mane ‘n Tail Facebook page and we might share your post to our followers! 

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