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Simple Autumn Hair Tips Anyone Can Do

The cool weather is here and with it comes boots, pumpkin spice everything, and stylish, yet cozy, fashion accessories.

Before you start figuring out which leggings you want to wear, be sure to read these six tips on how to make your hair look as great as your outfits this fall.

Get a Trim

The summer can leave your hair pretty ravaged. From direct sunlight on the beach to chlorine in the pool, your hair is exhausted and it needs a break and a change. Head to your favorite salon and get some new ends to start your journey toward beautiful fall hair.


As we get closer and closer to winter, the air is going to get drier and drier. Beneath those wool scarves and hoodies can lie some seriously dry static-ridden hair that needs some revitalization. Fall is the perfect time to start paying attention to the moisture level in your hair. Try Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner from Mane ‘n Tail to keep those locks staying fresh.

Put Away The Ponytail

The overwhelming heat is behind us and with it goes the need to keep your hair off of your neck. We’re not saying to banish those hair ties completely, but by giving it a rest, you’ll  help minimize damage that can be exacerbated with hair that is extra delicate in the dry, cold air.

Try a New Color

It’s time for a change. You rocked the lighter hair at the beach, but now you need something that better matches your current pumpkin spice addiction.

Use The Right Products

Be sure to use Color Protect Shampoo from Mane ‘n Tail to keep that color in style through the whole season! Reds especially fade faster, so by using the right products, you’ll maintain your great look longer.


Watch The Wind

The windy weather can be rough on your hair, especially when the air is dry and cold. Try a hat or light scarf to hold back your locks and keep the windblown look more stylish and less got-stuck-in-a-cyclone.

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