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Simple Styles for a Ball Cap

When the weather is nice, it’s time to enjoy all of those outdoor activities we’ve missed when the temperatures were too chilly. From sporting events, hiking, gardening, to just good old hanging out on the porch, it’s all great fun in the sunshine! Plus, once winter is over, you might need to cover up that dry winter frizz until you get a chance to head to the salon. 

But what do you do when you just want to pop on that ball cap but still want to make your hair to look good? Here are a few quick and easy styles for when you simply want to wear your worn and reliable baseball hat.

Mermaid Waves

Just because your hat is casual, doesn’t mean your hair needs to be. Some big and beautiful beachy waves will frame your face so you look cute with a number of styles. You’re ready to go with your favorite team jersey in the stadium or look great if you’re invited to THE backyard BBQ of the year.


Styled Ponytail

Hair styles with ball caps - ponytail

A simple ponytail is practically made for a ball cap. However, if you take that ponytail and make it look a little more put together, your whole look will also be looking better as well. By adding in some volume and light waves, your pony will look ready for anything. Try this for a day of golf or while you lounge by the pool.


Side Braid

Hair styles with ball caps - side braid

Another great look on its own, a side braid could arguably be one of the easiest ways to transform your look while taking very little effort. Adding a hat to this look is a no brainer simply because there is nothing additional that needs to be done. Take that style and get it ready for a ball cap covered day on the beach.


Messy Bun

Hair styles with ball caps - messy bun

If you love a messy bun and you love your brimmed accessories, this could be just what you’re going for! While this look is fun, it does require just a tad it of effort. While styling a messy hairdo on its own isn’t terribly complicated, doing it while through the back of a cap takes a little practice so it’s best to try this out a few times just to assure you get it just right!


Twist Bun

Hair styles with ball caps - side bun

This is a multi-functional style that will give you some variety. Start out with damp hair within a tightly twisted bun for your day to day stuff. Once the bun dries, just take your hair out and you’ll have beautiful loose waves that will transform your hair with basically no work. Then just lightly run your fingers through your roots to add in some volume, or leave that hat on for a wavy look similar to our first example.


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