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Trick-or-Treat Inspired Hair

If you love doing fun and funky colors in your hair, you know that inspiration can be found everywhere, even your candy basket!

Here are a few candy inspired hair colors and styles that make us appreciate these sugary sweets so much more.


A classic color, this brown has hints of cherry in it, that not only is seasonally gorgeous, but is giving us a sweet tooth.


Candy Corn

This classic candy hair is ready for 2018 with these vibrant stacked colors that look great straight, curled, or just to get you in a spooky trick-or-treat mood.



These marshmallow critters aren’t just from the Easter Bunny anymore! Now these vibrant little snacks might show up at your Halloween party, too. Plus the colors are too fun not to decorate yourself with.


Laffy Taffy

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill saltwater taffy, this stuff is bright and in your face with color. Not only is it delish, but they have some inspiring colors, too.


Candy Apple

Along with candy corn, the candy apple might be one of the most classic candies associated with Halloween. Give it a new twist with an intense look that is both edgy and sleek.



A swirl of tasty colors isn’t just for a stick anymore! Now a swirl of gorgeousness can be in your locks. Your sweet side is now extra prominent with this fun look.


Sweet Tarts and Smarties

Some candies are more pretty and delicate colors. Don’t let that subtle hue deter you, find your inner pastel goddess no matter what season it is.


Trick or Treat Treasures

Sometimes candy isn’t your thing. Instead of coloring your hair, why not accessorize with a plethora of tiny and adorable, inedible goodies you might find in your candy bowl after trick-or-treat is over.


A Little Of Everything

If your creativity is overflowing and you can’t decide, then just go for it all! Plus, if you accidentally get sticky candy suck in your hair, you can totally say you did it on purpose.


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