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Unique Hair Tools and Techniques to Try in 2019

Do you want to have some extra fun with your hair this year? We have some unique ways to make your hair styling even better this year. Some you may have already seen, some you might already do, but some might be downright head scratching (one actually is.)

From taming flyaways, to techniques for adding more volume, here are some outside-of-the-box things you can do to make your 2019 hair style even better!  

Hairspray on a Toothbrush

If you have some frustrating flyaways, just spritz a little hairspray on a toothbrush and glide those pesky strands back in place. It will give you the control you need without that over-sprayed crunch at your roots! (Just make sure to label it as your hair-only toothbrush then, or ick!)  

Hair brush AND Blow Dryer Combo

A hair dryer and hairbrush combo is an amazing invention! There are quite a few available out there on the market, so you’ll just need to do a little research to see which is right for your hair type and styling needs. Here is an example on Amazon!

Pump up the Volume.. With Balloons!

This video says it all. Genius, weird… or both? Whatever you say, we love it!

A Shampoo Brush

These handy little contraptions not only give you an invigorating scalp scrub, but they also give you a deep clean and a stimulating follicle massage that can promote hair growth! Here’s one on Amazon.

A Clip in your Ponytail for more Volume


How simple and effective! If your ponytail is a little thin, just backcomb slightly first and that clip will be a secret little champion in the battle for effortless volume.

Master the Messy Bun

This isn’t necessarily unique on its own, but it’s something everyone should know how to do. The messy bun can be accomplished with a variety of hairstyles and lengths, with some unexpected ways to do them. There are a ton of YouTube tutorials that cover the messy bun for pretty much every hair length and texture. With a little practice, you’ll have a cute bun that is all the rave.

Faux Fishtail

This quick style looks like it takes much more time than it actually does. We love the end result that would look great under a beanie or soaking up the sun.

Toilet Paper Rolls Curls

If you need to curl your hair but have nothing else available, toilet paper rolls (or something similar) can do the trick! With slightly damp hair, wrap a section around each roll and clip or pin it into place. Once the hair is dry, just unleash those beautiful curls. (Some might say, who has that many empty paper tubes floating around?! If you are a teacher or mom who anticipates those upcoming school projects, we KNOW you have a bag of them floating around!)

Your Smartphone

If you’re in a bind and need something to do with your hair, you have the magic of the internet.  Just a quick search and you’ll have thousands of results at your fingertips!

So get creative this 2019 and have fun with your hair!

Did you already do something fun or unique with your hair in 2019? Please share a photo on our Mane ‘n Tail Facebook page and we might share your post to our followers! 

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