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Unique Tools for Nail Art

Having the perfect nails can pull an outfit together! While using a great color can make a bold statement, sometimes you want a little more. But what to do? Nail art can be a little intimidating and complicated with a quick look on Pinterest or YouTube. Fear not, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 5 simple nail art techniques anyone can master that will bring your at home manicure up a notch, while they’re easy, it’ll have you looking like a master nail tech.

Loofah Netting

loofah nails


Take a chunk of the netting from your loofah, stretch over top of your nail and paint over with your favorite polish. Just remember that whatever color you’d want the netting to be would be the pre-painted base color. Use with blues and greens to create a mermaid scales effect or black and white for a dramatic fishnet look.

Masking Tape


This can be used for a variety of designs. Just take the tape, cut into a squiggly shape, such as chevron, and then place both pieces on the nail with a small space between them. Make sure they’re pressed down securely and then paint on a color! Think how fun this would be on just one or two accent nails?

Pencil Eraser



Take a few dollar store pencils and VERY carefully use a sharp craft knife to carve your very own nail polish stampers. Hearts, circles, cheetah print (as shown) or any number of small shapes can be done. Then swipe a color over the eraser with the polish brush and stamp away.

Band Aids



Band aids can be used for a number of nail art techniques. Use the tiny pin holes to get a perfectly spaced polka-dot. Or use the rounded edges on the tips of your nails for the perfect DIY french tip! Just peel off gently to make sure the adhesive doesn’t pull off any of your base coat.




Using some clear nail polish and a section of newsprint, you can have your own mini news-flash! From the comic section to the different ads and fonts, use your imagination and a little eye for detail to see how something so tiny can really make your nails pop!

So the next time you have a few extra minutes, use one of these easy tasks to bring your nail game to the next level. You’ll be the envy of all the other girls who just opted for the extra coat of glitter.


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