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What’s Your Winter Hat Hairstyle?

Bundling up for a cold winter outing can be less-than exciting. Break away from the chilly weather thinking, and give yourself a boost by showing off a fabulous winter you.



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Cute and flirty, and takes just a few minutes! This style can be done in a variety of options by keeping the braids loose or by pulling them a little bit tighter. When you take them out at the end of the day, you’ll have gorgeous princess waves!

Hello Bangs


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Highlight your stylish side swept locks by peaking them out of your cutest hat. Switch it up by changing the style of your bangs with a flat iron by flipping them in or out. Then simply tuck your hair into your hat using a bun, bobby pins, or a twisted ponytail.



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Keep your tresses down and simple underneath a fabulously large headwrap. The varieties are endless and can really make a statement with a large bow, flower, or a bright color. Pair with a complimenting scarf and pair of leggings.

Side Braid


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A more sophisticated approach to the traditional braids. Pair this classy look with smokey eyeshadow or a dramatic cat eye. Great for a coffee date, ice skating, or both!

Big and Beautiful


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A simple hat over top of your gorgeous natural mane. Dry winter weather can be tough on all hair types, so show off your hard work of your gorgeously tamed mane. Pair with a trendy sweater and fabulous winter boots.

No matter how you wear your winter hat this cold season, be sure you look fabulous!


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