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Fabulous Short Haircuts

While many people think of long and luxurious hair as the ultimate glamorous accessory, they are, in fact, only half right.

While some women rock those waist-length locks with style, there are other women who take a just as stunning approach with a short ‘do’. We think, it’s just as beautiful, while also making a bold statement.

Here are some of our favorite short (and very short) hairstyles that are simply amazing.

This super short cut gives you a chance to spend less time on your locks, and more on perfecting your make-up.

This fun and choppy little number has potential for a ton of styles with minimal effort.

The buzzed short back means none of those weird little pieces of hair will stick out, where you can’t see them. Cute and practical!

This short hairstyle and a flat iron are BFFs. Just a few flips in or out and you have a totally different look that takes no time at all.

This modern and unique style is a great way to show off your fun hair color and  your wild side. Win-win!

This cute cut uses clippers all along the neck and ears while still having enough length on the top for some punk-inspired fun styles.

The way her hair naturally frames her face is gorgeous. It just goes to show that you don’t need a huge head of hair to look absolutely breathtaking.

A beautiful look that gently frames the face is a simple approach that gives a strong impression.

A fun and flirty pixie cut is a fun way to bring in the new season. It’s easy to style, looks fabulous, and is a fun new way to be you!

So if you’re looking for a fun and fresh look, why not think about going the short route? Sure it’s a big step, but it’s a great way to push the reset button to keep your locks healthy while also trying something fun, new, and modern.


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